Gabrielle McGrath

Gabrielle McGrath was born in Braidwood NSW. She attended The National Art School, majoring in Sculpture. She moved to Armidale in 1999 and soon established her niche in the local art scene. In addition to her sculpting, Gabrielle has diversified into wearable art and object making.

As well as her large scale Steel constructions she has a real passion for jewellery and loves making mini sculptures and one-off wearable art pieces. She works with Recycled Sterling Silver and incorporates stones, bone, coral, feathers, wood and found objects. All of her trinkets are one of a kind pieces.

Dedicated to creating art with minimal environmental impact, she re-cycles, up-cycles and salvages. Natural alternatives to chemicals are implemented through the use of vinegars and bicarb sodas in the cleaning and polishing process. All of the silver used is recycled from commercial and industrial industries.

Wearers of RedPeg Eco Studio art pieces can rest assured knowing they are supporting a sustainable art practice.